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  • When do I put my carts or bins out for weekly curbside pickup?
    Wheel your carts to the street and place them curbside by 6 a.m. on your collection day. Do not overload carts; the lids must close completely. Overage fees may apply to overfilled carts. Make sure that all trash and debris is in the cart. Garbage or waste left beside carts may not be collected.
  • What items can I put into the trash?
    The following items are included in everyday trash. These items can be placed in your curbside totes, bins, cans or containers. Diapers Disposable razors Cactus and palm branches Cat litter and pet feces Glassware and ceramic dishes/cups Hoses and wire Juice boxes/pouches Non-fluorescent light bulbs Sheet glass (windows, mirrors, etc.) Foam cups or packing materials Treated wood (painted, stained, etc.)
  • What items do NOT go into the trash?
    The following hazardous household waste items should NOT be treated as everyday garbage and should NOT be disposed of curbside, in your totes, bins or carts: Batteries Electronics Fluorescent light bulbs Paint and paint cans Used motor oil and filters Prescription medications
  • What items and materials are recyclable?
    For quick reference, the following common items should be recycled, provided they're clean and dry. Bottles and cans Paper Cardboard
  • What items and materials are NOT recyclable?
    Non-recyclable materials should be placed in your standard trash receptacles. Be certain that your trash cans, containers, bins or carts are not overloaded and that their lids can close all the way. Additional fees may apply for overfilled or contaminated containers. Typically, items below cannot be recycled via curbside recycling programs. Plastic bags (these can often be returned to a local grocery store) Ceramic dishes, cups and glassware Juice boxes/juice pouches Foam cups or packing materials Windows, mirrors, sheet glass
  • How do I dispose of a used mattress or old toilet? Can I schedule a bulky pickup?
    "Bulky" and large-item pickups are available, give us a call to schedule a bulk pickup Items considered bulky include: Appliances, TVs and electronics Household furniture Scrap metal Tires — up to 4 car or light-truck tires separated from rims Yard trimmings — bundled for composting


Get answers to frequently asked questions about residential trash pickup.

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